help file


general information

TinyCalender is created using javascript and cookies to simulate a fully functional calendar database.

Other features of our calendar are:

  • Current day alert of reminders
  • Daily view of reminders
  • Monthly view of all reminders
  • print feature for two views (monthly and daily)




by default the calendar starts in the current month with the current day highlighted.

The calendar view displays personal(cookie) reminders within each cell box.

    changing months

    to change to a different month, simply click on the forward or back arrows location in the top corners of the calendar.

    viewing reminders (daily or monthly)

    to view daily reminders, simply click on the date in the cell box. this will bring up a smaller window with daily reminder information for a given day.

    to view monthly reminders, simply click on the month name located at the top center of the calendar. this will bring up a smaller window with a list of all reminders for a given month.

    personal reminders

    personal reminders are kept in a cookie and are only viewable from the computer that created the reminder.


    a javascript alert will popup once when the calendar is initially opened. It will display a list of the alerts with the total for the current day.



Personal Reminders

You can set your own personal reminders.

the date is also display to help ease navigation and avoid not knowing which day is being set with a reminder.

    creating new reminders

    to set a new reminder click on the link new reminder from the daily scheduler main view. Type the reminder text into the textbox and click on set reminder.

    once the reminder is set, it will be displayed on the main calendar and the daily scheduler.

    to cancel setting the of a new reminder, click on daily scheduler at the top.

    editing existing reminders

    to edit an existing reminder click on the reminder text in the daily scheduler view.

    the edit screen shows the existing text and a text box to change the text. If you want to modify the existing text, click on the current text link to populate the text box to edit the existing text.

    once the edit is complete, click on set reminder.

    to cancel the editing of a reminder, click on daily scheduler at the top.

    deleting reminders

    to delete a personal reminder, simply click on the checkbox to the right of the reminder text and click on delete reminder(s). the updated information will be displayed on the main calendar and daily scheduler.